Another birthday during COVID!

As some of you know, yesterday was my birthday! 🥳

This time last year I was preparing for Mother’s Day and helping my family with all their baking needs before we ended up in a full-blown lockdown for three months and then another lockdown and another.

But even though I didn’t get to spend time with my friends, get drunk and dance all night, I got to spend it with my family and my boyfriend (who is also my family!). One thing I will say about this pandemic, it’s made us closer. Before the pandemic, we were all so caught up with our jobs, our separate lives and we didn’t think anything of it. It was normal.

February 2020 I asked my boyfriend to marry me, I had a promotion from work coming in April, my brother was getting into mischief and things could have been better for my social life. Hell, I didn’t even have a social life. Work was the only thing that I could concentrate on and not because I wanted to.

March 19th 2020 I went to work, saw my friends (lots of hugs, kisses and loveliness!), finished late, rushed home, got ready then went for a lovely steak dinner with my fiancé 😍 We bumped into a friend who was panic buying quite a bit of shopping including pasta and toilet roll (if you remember when that craze was happening!) I still don’t understand why they were the two most wanted things out of anything else.🧐😂

I do miss going out for meals and drinking cocktails but even though we couldn’t do any of that this year, I still had a lovely birthday. I got to speak to my friends who have jobs elsewhere now, I got beautiful flowers and cards, and then I spent the rest of the night with my fiancé, eating a takeaway, watching films and … 😂

Even though this birthday was another during COVID, it’s been just as good as any other 🥰❤️

I hope that one day things will get back to a somewhat new normal. Where we can go to dinner, dance all night, hug our friends and loved ones without the worry of wearing a mask, sanitising our hands or spreading this virus.

Maybe one day soon! X

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